After inserting my livechat script, i do not see a livechat icon in my webpage
Test to see for the same livechat script in a blank page first. If you still dont see the image, make sure you pasted the correct livechat script. Livechat script wont work if the code is modified.
I want to customize my client window header with my company logo
Login to your account and go to "Configure my Livechat settings" . Click "Browse" or "Choose file" button to upload your company logo from your local machine to our server . You can also upload your own chat icons .
In Configuration settings, the image part does not show the current one i select when i browse to my local.
You have to save your changes , close the Configuration windows and then come back to it to see a refreshed image.
I dont hear a sound despite enabling it
Check to see if your volume control is not set to minimum or muted. Ensure also that the speaker icon in your console is not disabled.
For some tablet or smart mobile device, they do not support audio plugins so you may not really be able to hear a sound. Email us the device/OS/browser you are using so we can investigate
I clicked "Run my Livechat Console" and nothing happens
You should be able to see a popup window. Look for this operator console window in your taskbar which maybe minimized or hidden at the back of other windows.
I dont see any canned response available
You have to add your own set of canned responses.Login to your account and go to "Configure my Livechat settings".
I am not receiving my offline emails
Check to see if they are not in your spam folders. Verify also that you provided the correct e-mail address for receiving your offline e-mails in your Livechat configuration settings
I don't know how to insert the script properly in my web page. What should i do?
There is a special version of the script where you can automatically position the livechat image without knowledge of HTML. You have to be a website donor.
How do i remove the 'Free Livechat script' below my chat image
Be one of website donors, get a special version of livechat script for this one
I pasted the same script twice on the same page. One of the scripts doesnt show the image.
Yes that wont work.You can paste the script only once per page .
How do i use this in my smart phone?
Using your smart phone browser, go to our website.You should automatically get the livechat mobile version, then select login to your account. From there you can choose to run your livechat console.While you are logged in, anyone who goes to your webpage see the online livechat button. If they click the chat button, livechat script will go redirect request to your mobile phone for chat. You will get notification with a ringing sound in your smartphone as long as it is not in a screen save mode. Note however that your smartphone is using your mobile carrier bandwidth as you are engaged with livechat. If you have unlimited plan or connected to wi-fi, this is fine.
I have already donated and yet i dont see the extra features activated in my account.
If you just completed the donation process, log out and log back in. You should be able to see the features activated in your settings. If it is more than 8 hours and you still dont have the features activated, please contact us to resolve the issue.
I have already donated ,verified extra functionalities are working but not all of them.
There are two levels of donorship. Level 1 ($10) and level 2 ($20), only the latter can avail all of the extra functionalities.
How do i paste this script to WordPress?
If your WordPress blog is self hosted, use our own plugin to ensure that it works properly. Download it here WordPress Livechat Script Plugin
Why I am seeing ads in my live chat console?
Like other web sites that offer free service , we generate small revenue from the ads to support our operations. If you are a donor, you get a console version that has no Ads.
Is it possible to skip the logon process in the mobile app so i get the main menu quickly?
Yes you can skip the logon screen. You need to go to this URL :
Then you can create a shortcut into that URL and pin it to your smart phone home screen.
Hi my name is Jan, i am the administrator of this website.The questions/issues shown above are what we have gathered so far from users who are having difficulties setting up livechat script. Your feedback is very important. If the answer to your question is not found in any of those, Contact us thru e-mail so we can reply with the help and assistance you need.