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You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a PRO Live Chat software ! If you haven't realized yet that you have been spending so much on your subscription to a paid live chat service , now you will. With livechat script PRO, you will get a version that has enterprise features but priced as basic - only $3.99 per operator a month. You get a full featured livechat web service that works directly with popular internet devices - PC, Linux, Mac, Android, IPhone, etc . That means there is no app to download or install ,it just simply works seamlessly on any of your internet gadgets. All it takes is a simple cut and paste script to your web pages and you are all set.
If it is priced that low, do i only get the basic features ?
No. Other websites are showcasing a variety of live chat packages with different price levels. For the same rate we have, what they give you is the low end version that has very limited functionalities. Here we provide you all you need for a PRO live chat for only $3.99. With this same rate, we offer one simple package with a superior version containing a long feature list that you see at the right. Others charge you double or even more for the same features we offer. Nowadays, you can search for a lot of web sites that offer a basic free live chat software. We believe that if you went for a paid version, you should get one packaged with all useable features that is worth spending for. We offer a low price so you can save and afford to get more operator licenses for the software that will make it more productive.

Smart ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)
This is one of the outstanding live chat features we have for the enterprise scale users. This functionality means that incoming chat requests are smartly routed based on operator current load and preset skill level on top of department grouping. With this configurable ACD capability, chat queuing and distribution is efficiently managed and balanced by the system as load increases.

Chat anytime or anywhere you are. Let your clients always find you online so they get the assistance and information anytime they visit your web site. With this service, you get not only the desktop but also the tablet and smart phone version of livechat script. It doesnt matter what device type or brand they are, you and your clients will always find each other for a chat session. Accept chat from your visitors or simply watch your website traffic wherever you are in the comfort of your personal handheld units. Appear 24 hours virtually online on your web site but you dont need to be. Receive SMS text alerts instantly to your smart phone for incoming chat requests or offline messages, then use the mobile web app to pickup the queued chat. This means you will never miss that important moment to serve a guest or client who is visiting your site.

Live Chat Features
  • Unlimited Multiple chats in tabs
  • Multiple Operators - Multi Session
  • Multiple Departments
  • Single Operator with Multiple Logins
  • Customer chat history
  • Auto/manual chat offer (Pro Active Chat)
  • Operator join/transfer
  • Smart ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)
  • Configurable Client UI for foreign languages
  • Website Traffic/ Visitor List
  • Customizable images and text messages
  • Customer IP/Country/City Location
  • Customer Location Map
  • Canned responses
  • Other is typing notification
  • Chat Queue display
  • Support international characters
  • Spelling check
  • Email chat transcript
  • Offline Message Email/ Notification
  • Client queue/wait position notificaton
  • Chat image auto placement options
  • SSL secured messages
  • Works with all popular browsers
  • Works with smart mobile phones, tablets
  • Works with PC, Linux , MAC
  • Customize livechat URL with your company name
  • *Incoming/Offline Mobile SMS Text Alert
Add $4.99 for this special service

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You get 2 operator license wth all features to try including SMS notification for FREE! If you later decide to subscribe for a regular subscription , we can still use the same data and configurations that were already set during the trial.

LiveChat Script PRO is compatible with a device/platform using any of the internet technologies below.
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