"You will get a version that is fully functional and has better features than the popular ones for unlimited time."
  • Multiple chats in tabs
    Allows you to accept chats simultaneously and manage them in a very simple tabbed interface. Navigating thru the callers is as easy as selecting the caller tab to make it the active chat.
  • Unlimited simultaneous chats
    Other websites offer free version but they limit number of simultaneous chats. Here you can accept as many chats as you can handle.
  • Website Traffic/ Visitor List
    Watch dynamically in real time how many visitors are currently in your website . Find which country/city they are coming from, which page they are browsing in and how long they've been there.
  • Customizable images and text messages
    Upload your own images/logos to represent a more personalized appearance of the livechat client interface. Customize your messages by providing the presented text in your own composition or language preference.
  • Customer IP/City Location
    Identify the same caller by knowing the IP, Country and City information as reported by the system during the call.
  • Customer Location Map
    View visitors current location in the map.
  • Canned responses
    Create commonly used phrases/sentences to speed up typing response
  • Chat Queue display
    See instantly who are in the wait queue, how long they have been waiting, what question they have for you.
  • Support international characters
    Supports not just English but other languages as well that use keyboard characters other than the standard ASCII encoding. These are the extended characters that require Unicode encoding to support foreign languages like Arabic, French, Chinese, German, Korean, Spanish, etc.
  • Spelling check
    Since it is wrapped as a browser app, it inherits the spelling check functionality available to most browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari
  • Email chat transcript
    Allows to send optionally the entire chat transcript to emails of both agent and client for saving and historical reference
  • Typing Notification
    Know when the client is responding in advance by seeing typing notifications
  • Offline Message Email/ Notification
    Sends offline message left by your visitor to your e-mail. Displays notification of message count when you go back online
  • Chat image auto placement options
    Take advantage of the auto placement of the livechat image in your webpage if you dont have knowledge of HTML. You have the option to insert it in specific div, or just let the system automatically place it for you based on your preferences. As an example, see the image in the right bottom corner and the tab in the right side of this page.
  • Works with most popular browsers
    Whatever browser you are using, the agent console will work. Same thing is true on the client side.There is no instance of missing a guest chat for not being able to access the chat functionality regardless of the browser he used to visit your web site
  • Works with smart mobile phones, tablets
    Tested to work with the most popular smart phones and tablets. This means chat can be initiated flexibly even on those mobile handheld devices.
  • Works with PC, Linux , MAC
    Does not matter what operating system they use, your chat link to your guests will always work whenever they are visiting your website
  • SSL secured messages
    If you chat involves private or confidential messages, SSL encryption and authentication will protect your messages sent across the internet
  • Its FREE! No credit card required.
    Signing up does not require any credit card information. You start using the service right away after the registration process. *Credit card info will only be needed in case you voluntarily decide later on to be a donor to support our website.