1. Is this really free?
    Yes you won't be charged for a one time cost or monthly subscription fee . You will get a version that is fully functional, customizable and has better features than the popular ones for unlimited time. There is nothing to download, works directly with popular internet browsers, PC, Linux, Mac . Use it in a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone device. A simple cut and paste script enables your web pages to offer live chat to your visitors. The software allows you also to view in real time the visitors who are currently browsing your site. Use the script freely for your web applications like shopping cart , customer service support , blogs, or simply your own personal web site . Go try our instant demo and see for yourself why "Live Chat Script" is now becoming to be the most widely used customer service tool for E-Commerce in 2018 .
  2. What are the features?
    • Multiple chats in tabs
    • Unlimited simultaneous chats
    • Website Traffic/ Visitor List
    • Customizable images and text messages
    • Customer IP/City Location
    • Customer Location Map
    • Canned responses
    • Chat Queue display
    • Support international characters
    • Spelling check
    • Email chat transcript
    • Typing Notification
    • Offline Message Email/ Notification
    • Chat image auto placement options
    • Works with most popular browsers
    • Works with smart mobile phones, tablets
    • Works with PC, Linux , MAC
    • SSL secured messages
    • Its FREE! No credit card required.
  3. Can it be trusted?
    Trust us, we are a genuine and now the most popular free live chat service provider. As a proof , in just less than a year we started offering our product, the main search services Google , Yahoo and Bing have already ranked as among the top web site links when you search for "free live chat software" . Independent reviewers who have been evaluating various live chat scripts have recommended us for Best Free Live Chat . There is no doubt, Live Chat Script continues to be the most loved and trusted livechat software on the internet. To date we have tracked more than 20000 registered users worldwide continuously subscribing to our service and still quickly growing. Thank you to those who continue supporting us especially the users who have donated to keep our service alive!
  4. Does it have a mobile APP?
    This free live chat also comes with a platform independent Mobile Web App version ! Now you can accept chat with your visitors or simply watch your website traffic wherever you are in the comfort of your personal handheld devices. The web based app is compatible and ready to run instantly with your IPhone, Android or Windows mobile device - there is no need to download. Browse our site with a mobile phone or tablet so you can see the demo versions for those units or click the image to mock a smart phone.
  5. Why do you see Ads?

    If you dont have an AD Blocker, you will see ads in our web pages. Since we offer it for free, revenue from visited Ads help us pay the premium web hosting fees , office space rental and other miscellaneous expenses. These costs are incurred as we try to maintain the service and provide technical support to our users . We welcome donors whom we will offer an enhanced version of the live chat service. On the client side of chat, your visitors wont see any ad.
  6. Is your company looking for an affordable PRO version? Live Chat Script PRO has enterprise features like multi operator/department, chat history , smart call distribution , pro-active chat, incoming chat SMS text alert and many more.

LiveChat Script is compatible with any of these devices or platforms below.